Pain Relief During Pregnancy

I help women who have back pain during pregnancy feel better and get back to the things they enjoy! My care is gentle and effective.

If you are like a lot of moms I know, you probably thought that pregnancy was going to be magical and amazing only to be disappointed in the reality of the nausea, fatigue, lack of sleep and back pain that commonly happens during pregnacy. Maybe, like these other moms, you have also started to believe that there is no hope other than to just wait it out until your sweet little babe makes his or her appearance. Well, sweet mama, let me tell you, you are in the right place!

I have a solution for your problem! I have helped so many moms with pregnancy related back pain experience relief and get back to doing the things they enjoy! For some moms that was getting a good nights sleep with no pain, others it was getting on the floor and playing with their toddler or even going for a nice long walk with their husband- with no pain!

Pregnancy is a unique time and requires special care!  Lots of chiropractors adjust pregnant women, but not all of them make it their priority and their focus like I do!  I have spent 15 years years focusing on prenatal care. It is truly my passion.  If you would like to learn more about Prenatal Chiropractic care I would LOVE to chat with you!  

With Gratitude,

Dr. Cathy


What would you do if the pain during your pregnancy was not getting in the way?