Positive Affirmations for a Natural Birth


Pregnant mamas spend a lot of timing preparing. They prepare their home, create a room for baby, buy car seats and strollers and clothes. They prepare their own bodies by eating healthy food, taking prenatal vitamins and getting extra sleep. They take hospital tours and child birth classes. One of the most valuable things that they can do to prepare is to train their mind for a natural birth using positive affirmations!  

Positive affirmations are statements that when said out loud can help to change the brain for the better. You can replace negative brain pathways with positive ones and retrain your brain! Your thoughts can become your reality. If you want a peaceful natural birth, spend some time visualizing what this would look like and create some positive statements to prepare your brain for this reality.  

A few tips: 1. You need to believe what you are saying 2. You must say the statements out loud 3. You must say them frequently 4. Try engaging other senses- write them down, record them to listen to, and consider using aromatherapy during your affirmations and at the birth 5. Your partner can join the fun too!  

Some examples include: " My body was designed to do this", "I can do hard things", "Birth is normal and natural", "My baby will fit", " I have grown this baby and I will push her out", "Breathe in strength, breathe out tension".  Affirmation statements are unlimited!  Spend some time thinking about what speaks to you. You can create your own affirmation cards or you can purchase sets online. There are also audio downloads and apps that have daily affirmations as well.

You can do it mama!  Your body was made for this <3 Dr. Cathy