I help women grow healthy families naturally.

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Life is full of new beginnings! Whether you are trying to start your family, wanting a healthy pregnancy, navigating the crazy postpartum stage or creating a healthy lifestyle for your family- I can help! I am Dr. Cathy Boufford, Grand Haven's Women's Health Chiropractor. I am passionate about helping women grow healthy families naturally by starting with their own health first!   I have loads of experience in helping women with the unique needs and challenges they face.  I am passionate about caring for women during pregnancy and as a prenatal chiropractor I am specifically trained to customize the care just for this unique phase of life. As a working mama of two daughters I have first hand experience and understand the ins and outs of motherhood. I advocate for self-care because I know it is true that you can not pour from an empty cup. Happy, healthy families begin with happy, healthy moms!

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